So I found some chairs...

I talked about these chairs in my last currently post. Those of you who can't remember or are too lazy to check the link, here's a short summary of what these chairs mean to me: They are perfect. Not only are they beautiful, comfortable and HUGE, they were also free because we found them in the garbage!
Now as much as I loved them just the way they were, I felt they could be even more beautiful, so I bought some primer and paint...

I started with taking off as much of the original layer of paint as possible, it was already peeling so I just used a regular butter knife (yeah, I know, I'm clearly a professional). My patience was wearing very thin on this task so I took off the obvious peeling part, smoothed out the edges and went on with priming it.
There will come a day, when I'll regret not sandpapering it properly, but for now it worked just fine.

What is important, though, is to make sure the primer goes on opaque, especially when dealing with a dark surface and even more so when you want to paint it a light color. Here's what it should look like:

This takes a lot of time. And maybe another layer just to be certain. Afterwards it should dry for about 12 hours.
Once this is done, the fun part starts: painting it the color you chose! Actually seeing the progress and how great it turns out gave my motivation a huge boost.
Halfway through painting, it started raining so it took me two whole days to actually finish the chairs but I could not be happier with them. Just look how bright and happy they are now!
I can't believe someone put them in the trash.

Of course I still want to do something about these pillows but as mentioned before, I don't have a sewing machine right now and we are moving back to Germany this Sunday (ohmy). That is something I will figure out over the next six months :)

Home is wherever I'm with you

We started packing. And slowly it is sinking in that we are gonna leave this place. We are both strongly attached to this flat, put a lot of effort into it and felt really at home here and although we are excited for this new chapter to start, in an ideal world, we would stay.
So before we started to pack some of the things away, I took some pictures.

One part I love especially about it is that the only piece of furniture we bought new is our wardrobe, everything else is either self made, thrifted or bought used. And the rug was my Papa's.

 (That plant was rescued from the garbage and brought back to life)

the only picture I have of the kitchen is super blurry, but yeah, you get the idea

and of course, tha patio:
(old picture and you can't quite see the size, it's almost as big as the entire flat, oh well...)

You learn.

"You live you learn, you love you learn
You cry you learn, you lose you learn
You bleed you learn, you scream you learn"

Sometimes I fail to realize the importance of what is happening until I look back at it. These past six months were definitely filled with learning, growing and defining goals, though most of the time while it was happening it felt like working, relaxing and enjoying life.
The part I love most about being "grown-up" is that learning isn't about books, homework and forced recitations of data anymore, it transitioned to something we do unconsciously, something that happens by itself and all we have to do is reflect and accept it for another lesson learned.

This internship was a special time for learning. I accepted and mastered challenges that were uncomfortable or scary in the beginning. I met people who made my life more joyful, who had me think and reconsider, tested my patience and taught me that once in a while it is good to be angry.

Today was my last day at work. There was coffee & cake in the garden, soap-bubbles and a very happy dog, Swiss music, sunshine and laughing, it was a picture-perfect day of what my internship was like at its best.
It was a celebration of the wonderful time we have spent together and a beautiful memory to take with me. So on top of everything else, I might even have learned how to say goodbye.

Let's cook: lemon meringue pie ... or at least let's try to

As we all well know I am not the most patient person when it comes to cooking or baking, I become frustrated way too easily and I am not a perfectionist. So what happens is that I get frustrated with something and decide it'll do. I will not put any more effort in it and hope for the best.

Well, everyone who has baked a lemon meringue pie before will have guessed how far that attitude has gotten me. But let's not spoil the surprise for the others, will you.
The meringue top turned out great!

I started with making a cookie crust because it sounded simple enough. Smash some cookies and add melted butter to the crumbs.
Ha! Mix crumbs that are just slightly too big with too little butter and enjoy your non-stable, crumbly mess underneath the rest of the cake. Extra points if you burn it a little.
But even if the crust would have been perfect... turns out adding one spoon less corn starch than suggested by the recipe makes the filling runny and liquid, leaving you with a plate full of delicious lemon soup.

Trial and error as demonstrated by baking lemon meringue pie. But you know what they say, try again - fail better, so I will bake this hell of a pie again as soon as possible.
Taste was fantastic though so I call it a success.

3 August Wishes

I have done wishlist posts in the past, it seemed fun to find cool stuff that would fit the month to come and share it here, but yesterday when they started popping up once again in my blog feed, I was just so very annoyed.
Please do not feel offended if you are doing them, it really isn't about others doing them, I got annoyed with myself, because that is just not me. I'm hardly buying stuff as it is, why would I make a wishlist and pretend I needed all this stuff every month. Or wished for it. Because I really do have enough cute dresses and nailpolishes and whatever random things are put on these lists.

Aren't we put under enough pressure to consume already as it is, do we actually have to put these lists out there and contribute to it?
I have never bought a single thing I put on a wishlist, simply because it all seemed like a waste of money when I already had something similar or when I did not actually need it all that much.

So I decided I would stop the madness and will not share my wishlist, but my wishes with you.

1. I really hope the temperatures rise once more. I am not ready to let go of summer this early and I am having two weeks off starting next friday. I wanted to spend most of that time at the pool, eating icecream and enjoying the sun. I am such a sunshine person it's terrifiying, as soon as the sun is away for a couple of days I feel my mood dropping.

2. Apart from nice weather I really wish for time to calm down and read or draw a little because it will mostly be packing & organizing our move this month. I hate moving, I hate packing, I hate transporting all my stuff and I hate unpacking. Also the fact that we will only be staying at the new place for 6 months makes it extra hard to decide what will be unpacked and what will stay in its box. It has to be done but I wish for little breaks in between with good books.

3. Saying good-bye is not something that comes easy to me. Saying good-bye to the people at work (co-workers and residents likewise) as well as saying good-bye to this beautiful place I called home will be hard. So I wish for some more great memories and enjoying it to the last day. I hope I can let it go and enjoy it for what it was, just the place where I needed to be these past months. And a glimpse of what I want my future to look like.

Yes, I liked this much better than showing you stuff to buy.

July, July, it never felt so strange.

Aww, July, I will miss you. The sweet feeling of summer, the calm before things start to shift and change again. August means moving and packing and organizing, saying goodbye and leaving a place I came to love so very much.

For now I am living in the moment and take the steps one at a time.
Aside the big things that have to be done, I have some smaller goals I am working on this next month. I will be busy, that's for sure! My Mama is visiting right now, I am working almost everyday until the 16th and I'm slowly a bit nervous about getting into university. Nervous being a huge understatement.

Seeing as August comes with a lot of anxiety and worrying, for now I think I will prolong July some more. Just another 4 weeks. I will skip August and have 2 Julies instead. Time is relative, isn't it?