A little trip to Paris: Day 1

It's been almost a month since we went to Paris and I finally managed to edit & sort all of the pictures.
Growing up, I lived right next to the French border (I even lived in France for three years) so Paris was always the number one option when we wanted to skip school. The train is so fast, you're there in less than two hours.
Usually, when things are hyped that much I find myself being disappointed with the actual thing (hello Tangle Teezer!). But not Paris. You simply cannot be disappointed with Paris. Just like the first time I saw the Taj Mahal, you kind of want it to be less monumental than all the pictures make it seem, but then you realize none of the pictures did it any justice!

We arrived late in the afternoon, around 16:00, so we just dropped off the bags, grabbed some Pizza and went straight into the city. M. has never been to Paris before so I thought it might be nice to start with the Notre Dame and then have a long walk along the Seine towards the Eiffel tower. It's so easy to get around Paris with the tube, but to me travelling is always the most fun when you can walk around. This way you discover so many beautiful little things you might miss otherwise.

Of course Notre Dame was super crowded and I am not someone who enjoys the inside of churches very much, so we didn't spend a lot of time there and continued our walk. We passed a lot of street vendors, flowershops, little markets, huge buildings, streetart and bridges. In just about two hours I fell in love with Paris all over again. And with the French, I know I hated them when I was a waitress (French people never tip) but it's all forgotten, they are wonderful people!

When it was getting dark we picked some random brasserie to have some food and wine and cheese (I think I ate goat cheese about 5 times during 24 hour stay, I can't help it) and later we watched the Eiffel tower glow & sparkle. The last time I saw this I was about 7 years old and ever since I have wanted to see it again so badly, so maybe I was a little too excited and M. might have been a little annoyed with my constant 'LOOK HOW IT SPARKLES!'

If you want to see more pictures or want to see them in full size & better quality, here's the Flickr album ! (Just don't steal anything!)
Have you been to Paris and how did you like it?

<3 Lisa

busy bee

You know those weeks when everything has to be done at once?
This is such a week. A kitchen to build, a paper to write, a presentation to prepare and a workout plan to stick to.
My flat looks like a huge mess seeing as all of the kitchen stuff is stored in the living room, including the washing machine which means no laundry either. So we live in the bedroom right now.
Ugh, I hope things will be abck to normal as soon as possible and I can start cooking and taking pictures and DO STUFF at my desk again. I am using my bed as a desk and it's not even half as good as it sounds.

Picture was taken by M. at the American church in Paris (it's so funny to me how he can never quite get his pictures straight, they are always a bit... crooked. But I really didn't want to crop anything out of this picture. It's so good.)

June wishes

This is a weird post to make since, if I am being honest, all of my wishes for June already came true.
I was hoping for a chance to travel a little and get away for a few days, and we have already been to Paris and Switzerland this month.
I had the most beautiful days these past 2 weeks. Breakfast at place du tertre, watching all the artist draw; swimming in cold water with a very happy dog and afterwards drying in the sun with a really good book (finally time to read!)
Enjoying people - I really love people watching and listening and just being around people I feel comfortable with.

Right now, there's an electrician running around our flat installing new electrical outlets because my new kitchen will arrive this weekend. FINALLY. I will have an oven again. I will actually be able to cook something beside salad again.

Even yesterday, the darkest day of the year for me as it marks the day I have lost my father 3 years ago, was filled with sunshine and love and spending time with my mother at my father's favourite place.

And to top it all off, there might even be a fantastic opportunity on the horizon.
This is a very boring wishes-post, mainly because I am so grateful for everything, I couldn't wish for more.
Maybe only one thing: let this stay.
Let there be even more lovely moments. A month to keep me wish-less.

Oh I can actually think of a wish: Visits. I would love for some of my friends to come visit me!

Clean & Pure: all natural deodorant

I switched from regular deodorant to natural deodorant about a year ago and used Lush's Aromaco for quite a while and loved it very much. Unfortunatly two months ago my skin suddenly decided to react to it and I developed a rash. I will try to use it again in the future because it gave me great results and was easy enough to use but for now I want to give my skin a little break from it.

So I tried a couple of different natural cosmetic deodorants but none really worked for me and when I googled 'natural deodorant' I was surprised just how many people made their deodorant themselves.
Challenge accepted.

Yes, that's all.
2 - 3 spoons of coconut oil (I ended up adding more than pictured)
a sprinkle baking soda (you could use baking powder but there's aluminium in some, so check the ingredients!)
1 spoon corn starch
10 drops essential oil of your choice (tea tree e.g.)

Combine the dry ingredients and then add the coconut oil until you have a paste, add the essential oil and you're done.
This will have a creamy consistency at room temperature (but coconut oil melts rather quick so keep it from direct sunligt)
If you prefer a thicker consistency, add shea butter to the mix, it has a higher melting point and will stay longer in a solid shape.
If it does melt, don't despair, give it a good stir and put it in the fridge.

The baking soda might sting a little on freshly shaved skin but if it actually burns and hurts or if you notice any redness, use less baking soda or leave it out completely, as it is very harsh especially on sensitive skin. Also some people are sensitive to corn starch, in that case you could substitute corn starch for arrowroot powder.

DIY: 8 steps sailor tote bag tutorial

I sewed this pretty bag a couple of weeks ago but never came around to share it with you. Ever since I have been using this tote bag almost daily either for university, to run errands or for day trips.
My intention was to create a bag that will hold a lot of stuff and easily carry my ring binder, spiral pad, water bottle, pencil pouch, wallet, phone and sometimes even my laptop. So it had to be huge. And cute, obviously.
I love sailor themed everything so when I found this red & white fabric in the sale section, I knew I had to buy it. It's a rather thick canvas fabric and therefore perfect for sewing a bag.
All the other fabric I used were leftovers from other projects so this entire thing cost me about 3 Euros. Whaaat?

This is a super fast & easy project and if you are lucky like me it's super cheap as well.

Here's what you'll need:


- two 40x45cm pieces of fabric for the outside bag (I chose striped heavy canvas)
- two pieces of the same size for the inside bag (I chose dark red heavy canvas)
- two 18x20cm pieces of fabric for the pocket (I chose navy blue canvas)
- two 20x45cm pieces for the bottom of your bag (I chose the same navy blue as the pocket)
(OPTIONAL: 5x45cm pieces for the inside upper edge, NOT INCLUDED in this tutorial)
- two 125cm long pieces for whichever strap you prefer (you could make this shorter if desired)

Now how to make it:

Step 1:
Sew together the two pieces of the pocket by folding & pinning in the edges. (left sides together!)

Step 2:
Sew the pocket onto one of your outer bag pieces, the pocket should sit right on top of the bottom so measure 20cm from the lower edge. I made a mistake in my sketch, you should of course not sew the upper edge of the pocket.
Try and sew along the stitches you made for sewing both pocket pieces together.

Step 3:
Now sew on the straps. They should align with the sides of the pocket.
As you can see in the detail sketch, I sewed on both edges and also made a big X just on the upper side of the outer bag fabric.
ATTENTION: Leave 1 cm of fabric for folding in later on, DO NOT sew the straps on right onto the upper edge of the striped fabric!!!
Repeat on the backside of your outer bag and make sure the two straps align.

Step 4:
Sew on the bottom pieces on each piece of the outer bag (either fold in the edges or sew right on right) you don't have to sew on the sides of the bottom pieces just yet, the upper edge is enough (we'll sew the two parts together now anyways).

Step 5:
Lay the two outer bag pieces RIGHT ON RIGHT on top of each other, pin around the edges and sew together. (Leave opene the upper side obviously).
Set aside.

Step 6:
Lay the two inner bag pieces right on right on top of each other, pin around the edges and sew together (leave the open the upper edge obviously)
Turn right side out.

Step 7:
It gets a little bit more tricky now.
Put your outer bag (which is still left side out) into your inner bag, so when you look inside you should see the outside of your bag while on the outside there should be the RIGHT side of you inner bag.
Fold in the upper edges, so you can't see any raw edges anymore, pin and sew together. this will be a little thick at places so you should try and sew really slowly at these points.
(Now you see why it was important to leave a little room for folding in when sewing on the straps.)
It should look like this:

Step 8:
Before we can turn the bag and marvel at what we just created, you should sew off the corners of your bag to create boxed corners so your bag will stand up and you'll have a flat surface at the bottom, just fold your edges so the seams are in the middle and sew off a big triangle. (The bigger the triangle the broader your bottom) either cut the tips off or fold them in.

Step 9:
Turn right side out, fill with candy and cakes and be merry!

I really hope this makes sense and you understand my instructions, I have never made a tutorial before, so let me know if something is unclear, I will happily explain everything in more detail!
All in all this took me about 3 hours to make, so if you have an afternoon off, grab your sewing machine and make yourself a sailor tote bag everyone will compliment you on.